Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Close Outs ... Buy Outs ... Great Deals

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Now you can buy trendy jewelry at far below wholesale prices.

We found a company that specializes in selling pricey jewelry & chic accessories to professional women - doctors, lawyers & corporate VP's - through a "home party" plan much like a Tupperware® party but very upscale.

Since the parties are held in affluent homes it's important that they always show new items and never show the same merchandise twice.

That's where we come in. Near the end of the year we acquire the remaining inventory and market it online at very deep discounts ... and you get to save a bundle.

What happens when a big name store goes belly-up, out-of-business, bankrupt?

They have a whole bunch of inventory but no money to pay for it. The banks are left holding the bag and the bankers have to find a way to get some of their cash back.

There’s a savvy little company that offers immediate cash for this type of inventory.

That's us. We dangle our cash in front of the bankers but we only offer a fraction of the regular wholesale price for these items. It’s a bitter pill for the bankers but it turns into a great deal for you. The banker gets this inventory off his books and you> save a bundle.

We're talking really great deals.

I found an Anne Kline designer jacket that normally sells for $245 in the trendy shops at the Galleria Mall and I saved $200.

My husband found a Panasonic Home Theater System for the family room for hundreds less then in stores. This is not some cheap no name system, this is a Panasonic!

Houston TX

Here’s another sticky problem.

What happens when Fuji makes too many cameras or Sony goes overboard making radios? They call it "manufactures overruns" or "excess production". These are just fancy terms for "somebody goofed".

Manufactures have to get rid of this stuff but not through the department and discount stores that normally sell their products. The last thing manufactures want is top quality low priced merchandise competing with their regular products sold in the fancy department stores and trendy specialty shops And they certainly don’t want these items selling in Wal-Mart, Target, Sears or Best Buy.

Bingo! Up pops our little company again with cash in hand. We dangle our cash in front of these manufactures and tell them we won't sell these products in stores so away goes all of that inventory.

Oh there is that little catch again ... we only offer the manufactures pennies on the dollar for their inventory but something is better than nothing. It’s a "win, win" deal for everyone. The manufacturer cleans out his warehouse so he can build more great products and you save a bundle.

So that’s our story ... We find great deals on close out’s, overstock’s and other gadgets and gizmo’s and then offer them direct to you on the Internet.

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